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Gapi Group highlights

GAPI Group was born in the 60’s as key supplier of the industry concerning rubber sealing and, in particular, for rubber O-Rings.

Gapi has been landmark of the real production revolution called rubber injection moulding, the production system which twisted the rubber O-Rings production concept.

This new production process has been integrated during the years, by the automation of the de-flashing and selection phases which, before were made with manual operations.

A strong impulse at the growth of the Group has been obtained by the brilliant flair of the founder Pierino Galizzi who understood, with great foresight, the need of handling stocks of various sizes in the main compounds in order to grant prompt deliveries.

This bet has proved to be a springboard for Gapi, which even after 50 years, is well known all over the world for the huge stock of sizes in the standard compounds.

The Gapi’s management has pursued, during the years, a consolidation policy, acquiring Companies specialized in the production of sealing elements and establishing Logistic Centers.

Today Gapi Group is able to offer a wide range of products in different materials and for various applications; that’s why we say we’re “360° Sealing Solutions”.