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Laboratory & QC

Since its inception in 1990 the program of Total Quality Management has strongly marked into organisation of all companies of our Group.
Some are more advanced than others in the race to excellence, but all are committed to the drive for progress, which can be resumed in three stages:

 -  Listen to the customer needs
 -  Adopt more and more customer centred approach
 -  Anticipate the customer's needs

Several of our companies are already engaged in the third stage, while the majority are at the second.

One must focus on customer requirements and in order to better attain his satisfaction must also analyse the market to draw suggestions and incentives to improve its products and services, trying to better know  assets and products of the best competitors.

Continuous improvement is the only way to attain the quality winning post based as it is on controls and corrective actions of productive processes.
ISO 9000 certifications obtained by all Companies of our Group, show the quality levels attained in the sphere of product manufacturing.

Benchmarking is now an unequalled instrument to obtain the customer's satisfaction and to confront oneself with competition.
Total quality in respect to environment management complies to prescriptions and suggestions of standard ISO 14000 as described in following page.