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Quality & Enviroment

Since 1992 GAPI has accomplished and implemented a Total Quality System certified as compliant to Standards of ISO 9002 by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance. Goals and quality plans have been identified and developed with special consideration to changing market demands and expectations. Continuous quality improvement remains a key goal of GAPI's management. 

These quality improvements are achieved by quick problem identification and resolution, and the implementation of strict statistical process control (SPC) guidelines. More recently the Quality System Management has been approved to ISO 9001.  The primary business goals of optimizing quality, cost, technology, and delivery, as a company wide organizational philosophy, convey that GAPI is committed to providing the best product on the market.

Quality assurance
Application of FMEA as an analytical and managerial instrument, design (DFMEA) and production (PFMEA), generates important improvements to GAPI's Quality System. FMEA causes a number of interfacing connections to emerge at subsequent steps of the production line. As a result, it transforms traditional relations between individuals of the same Company into Supplier/Customer relations within the Gapi's division and departments.

Quality controls take place at every level on the production line insuring the Customer's Satisfaction.

The GAPI Quality System is committed to following the prescriptive requirements of ISO Standard 9001.

Recently, GAPI Quality Controls have gone beyond manufacturing and into Customer Service (order review, technical specifications), warehousing (lot identification and traceability), shipping department (packaging, shipment verification and date of delivery). Physical and dimensional controls are performed during the complete production cycle, including incoming materials. For new products (molding tools, special equipment, compounds), it is imperative to verify real process capacity in comparison with theoretical. Every new variable introduced into the system (new molds, compounds with different characteristics of shrinkage, tooling with influence on final dimensions) can lower CPK (Capability of Process Index) and call for corrective actions already listed on FMEA or not even foreseen

Management of GAPI Group companies draws inspiration from fundamentals of ISO 14000 standard, keeping as its main objective the minimizing of the impact to the environment caused by industrial activity.

The fulfilment of applicable laws and regulations (national, state and local)  governing emissions into the outside environment, must be considered useful means to get protection of nature resources, and of human health and safety.

Also in this particular field, not only in that of Product Quality, we must take as fundamental the concept of "Continuous Improvement", to be considered analysis, planning, implementation, control and corrective action. Iteration of this action cycle brings the safeguard of the environment where we live and operate.
Keeping employees in good health, since they are not only human beings but also an asset, is considered of basic importance in every Company of the GAPI Group since well-being of the single   generates the Company welfare.