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Your Total Sealing Solution Partner


What Gapi Group makes

    New Sealing Solution 2016

    Corporate Certification ISO 9001

Today Gapi Group is able to offer a complete range of sealing gaskets in different materials.
In addition to the historical production of rubber O-Rings and parts as per plan, we can find a wide range of products starting from rotary shaft seals for all applications, hydraulic and pneumatic seals to seals for automotive braking systems and motorbikes.
In the PTFE segment, the production and distribution of semi-finished products in virgin or filled material, is integrated by a production unit able to offer machined components in different PTFE compounds.
The portfolio of products is completed by the techno-polymers’ division offering a wide sealing solution for the electronic and automotive industry.
    Artic Seals has recently integrated its range of products with a new series of sealing solutions dedicated to the hydraulic and pneumatic industry.
This new series includes new concept metal cage wipers, magnetic pistons, high pressure piston gaskets, innovative wipers developed to eliminate the leakages caused by working imperfections in the groove of pneumatic head cylinders, low friction piston seals for pneumatic cilynders and double effects piston seals able to resist against high pressures giving also the possibility to have radial interference (Piston /Bore) higher thab the common seals on the market.
    With the audit of the 10/05/2013, another important step for the Corporate certification of the Gapi Group’s Companies has been completed, Corporate Certification ISO 9001. Gapi Ltd, having the certification expiring on the 17/05/2013, has been included into the Gapi Group Corporate Certification. The next and last step will be done, in concomitance of the renewal of the Gapi certification in November, 2013, including Artic Seals and Gapi USA. Therefore the mission to complete our program of Corporate Certification by the end of the year 2013, will be accomplished.

 May 2020 Gapi will exhibit at the Bilbao Exhibition from 25.05 to 29.05.2020.

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March 2020 the new Artic Seals' catalogue is now available for download on our web-site:
menù products / download catalog. (Catalog)
Our new 2020 Catalogue reflects all our latest sealing profiles including our BLF® Low Friction Rod Seals and our AS® TPU Mechanically Energized Rod Seals.
We have also extended our already comprehensive sealing range with additional sizes and introduced some new profiles within the current program.