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Gapi S.p.A. - Rubber Division
This is the original site of GAPI GROUP, locating today the Manufacturing of rubber products with a daily production of around 6 million pieces.

Finishing operations and post-curing on products are essential for Quality, as they settle both surfaces of parts and physical characteristics of different materials.

Final sorting and QC are performed before stocking at Logistic Center.

GAPI has been one of the first manufacturers of rubber parts in Italy to obtain the ISO 9002 approval by LRQA.

More recently got ISO9001 certification including Develop and production of rubber parts.



Via Marconi, 108
24060 Castelli Calepio (Bg) - Italy
Activities: Technical office - Production

Tel.: +39 030 743 8511
Fax.: +39  030 743 5539


Cap. Soc. € 10.050.000,00 i.v.
R.E.A. BG n. 205672
Iscr. Reg. Imprese di Bergamo
C.F. 00885220178
P. IVA IT 01440400164