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Gapi Technische Produkte GmbH
Core business is production of components made of high performance plastic materials, mainly meant for powertrain applications in automotive industry.

Most of these parts can be considered as problem solutions, developed and designed by GAPI.

Main product lines are direct forming of PTFE Compounds, injection moulding of high performance polymers (such as TORLON® Trademark Solvay - Belgium) and machining of in house manufactured stock shapes.

Equipment is state of art, steady feasibility studies support development of continuously improved manufacturing processes for precision parts in mass production.

Most important applications are:

- Hydraulic and pneumatic, automatic gear seals
- Thrustwashers
- Components in cryogenic and high temperature environment

Management System of GAPI T.P. GmbH has been certified according ISO/TS-16949 and ISO 14001 by TÜV Rheinland Industrie Service GmbH.

Also meet customer-specific requirements as:

ü DaimlerChrysler - Special Terms 2006,
ü Ford Motor Company - QS-9000 and Q1,
ü ZF Saarbrücken - QR83/ QF99/ QP 98, 
ü LUK - Quality Standard For Suppliers all by TÜV Rheinland Industrie Service GmbH.

GAPI Technische Produkte GmbH
Hans Böckler Str.14
D - 51503 Rösrath
PoBox 200265, 51497 Rösrath

Tel: + 49 (0) 2205 90494-0
Fax : + 49 (0) 2205 90494- 33

e-mail: (Engineering, Technical Service) (Sales)

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TORLON® - Trademark SOLVAY-Belgium