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GAPI S.p.A. - Distribution Center - Milano

MIROS sales activity covers distributors of the Italian market together with a number of OEM in some special industrial fields.

In the Milan warehouse are kept in stock:

ü O-Rings
ü Oil seals
ü Polyurethane seals for dynamic and pneumatic applications
ü Wipers
ü Dampers
ü Bonded seals
ü Back-up in Ptfe in the most important European standards

Distribution Center - Milano

Via Gallarate, 221
20151 Milano - Italy

Tel +39 02 3340 0480
Fax +39 02 3340 0615


Cap. Soc. € 10.050.000,00 i.v.
R.E.A. BG n. 205672
Iscr. Reg. Imprese di Bergamo
C.F. 00885220178
P. IVA IT 01440400164